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The years have passed, the people have changed, everything has changed, the family has changed, and the distance is far. --Inscriptione are like a piece of chalk. They use life to write everything in their lives. They thought it was unforgettable, but they couldn��t resist the light of the years. After a wave, everything changede family depicted in the book is perfect, never changed in life, and the distance has never been extended, so I think so too; but it is a dream full of good dreams, the years silently told me that the world is volatile FamilyI was young, my family was as complete as sodium chloride crystals; my loved ones were close to each other. Maybe just because I haven't touched too many other people's family, I think that my family is the best. Every day I spend time at home to care for the adults. Even if the adults mix their mouths on small things [url=www.cigarettesnewports.com]Carton Marlboro Reds 100[/url], they just think that. Just another manifestation of family, even the distance between the relatives is shortened. Especially in the evening, when the family gathered at a table, the family flowed on a few ordinary dishes, hovering over a small red wooden table, and the family sat happily, eating and talking happily. Everything has been done, and there is no distance between anyone. A table of people seems to be a whole, close relatives; and I listen quietly to the story; when the adults have a few glasses of wine, the rice is also finished, the family People have come to a round of the moon, quiet moonlight on the ground, detained on the family online. Family may be as innocent as the moon? the family is like a crack on the beam of the house, but it is sturdy but somewhat split; the distance between the loved ones is slowly pulling away and pulling away [url=www.cigars-home.com]Case Of Newport Cigarettes Price[/url]. There is no longer a dinner and moonlight talk there. Leaving my grandparents and embarking on the road of learning, my heart relied on the family at that time, but I couldn��t help it under the ages; my homework and pressure put the family down [url=www.cigarettesnewports.com]Best Online Cigarettes Newport[/url], and the distance between my loved ones was far away, but it remained on the phone; The cold and cold greetings hurriedly hang up the phone, making up for trying to keep the remaining connections, keeping the distance between them, but leaving two people who are losing their affection to stay at the two ends of the phone line. And the years have only looked at it all coldly, and they have been rubbing the traces of life, taking away the veins of family online, so that we can "gather together" at the funeral of one person, but only infinite in my heart. Sadness is more than usual [url=www.cigarettesnewports.com]Duty Free Newport[/url]. Has the family changed by the years? No, just slowly swallowing [url=www.cigarettesnewports.com]Marlboro Red 100S Pack Price Online[/url], and the distance is only gradually drifting away.t dare to imagine the family in the future, but when the years have swallowed it again and again, I have to seriously imagine the future affection...he future, the family really wants to be like a bubble in the sun, and it will become a parting after all. Is the distance between loved ones already stranger to the sea? The levee of a thousand miles collapsed in the small ant colony. When the original perfect family had a rift, the relatives who had eaten a few dishes together on a red wooden table could only see each other again at the funeral. When the distance is close, the future will be far away. Is it already destined to be a broken ending, and the distance is also inseparable from a wall? When I look at the newspapers in detail, I can always see the words of my loved ones who are against each other and kill each other. It is also a painful heart. The perfect family of sodium chloride crystals in the book has already been a long time. It became an illusion, and the years have broken the perfection of all this with reality. The distance between people has long since passed away. The nets on the family's online network are getting bigger and bigger, and the years are cruel. But are they really destined to changeis chalk crying? Because it used the oath that life wrote down to think that it was unforgettable to the blackboard, but it was not able to withstand the gentle touch of the board. Why do people cry? Because the years have changed everything, changed the family, and distanced the distance.
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Тёплый ламповый форум » Выбор светодиодных ламп » The years have passed
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